Never let your trading profit in to a loss  “With fully automated trading system we trade strategies based on algorithm “, Our nifty option strategy is works efficiently with algo trading and gives more profit than manual trading.

Algorithmic trading is a process of performing orders via automated pre-defined trading commands for accounting such as time, price, and volume based on mathematical model. A set of instruction or algorithm programmes are to be loaded to computer and its automatically executes the orders when the signal is generated in the system.



This is the strategy that is precisely set up for nifty option strategy with the use of AI (artificial intelligence). This is more faster and precise than any human intelligence to calculate and trade with phenomenal efficiency.

The needed supportive information like the sectors available in the whole market and the ongoing trends are scanned before the trade.

The market trend is also based upon the Open interest and NIFTY FUTURE AND OPTIONS.

FII & DII TRADING ACTIVITY is analysed foremost, and this is the prime factor to decide the market trend.

Option Greeks plays the key role in analysing the option movement and therefore it is also running and scanned in the strategy.

The strike price is chosen with utmost accuracy.

Black & Scholes Option Pricing Formula is exercised to make a precise decision to do option buy or option sell.

Algo trade software scans the market every minute and precisely does the trade with the base of artificial intelligence. Manually this in next to impossible.

Risk and reward ratio

With all these inputs and the analysis made by the software, the entry is up to 80 % accurate and the target is up to the peak limits depending upon the market volatility

If the calculations shows any risk, then bots exit from the trade deciding after the analysis of market volatility and open Interest.

There is no use of the stop loss, since it reduces the efficiency and accuracy in the trade.

Algo Trading Benefits ​

There are several advantages in algo trading.
High frequency trading is possible with alog.
Reduced risk of manual errors in placing the trades.
Possibility of Managing high volume trades.
Immediate square off in Gap up/Gap down.
Analyse your trades and optimise the trading plan.
Algo analyses the scripts and identify the opportunity.
Systematized by eliminating human emotions while trading.

Fully Automated Trading

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