Detail about Crudeoil Trading Strategy

here are many strategies in the market specifically made for crude oil based on lot of criteria like, indicator, price, support and resistance, swing trading, Candle stick patterns etc.

Some strategies works very good and some does not work as expected and required. Whichever strategy that works well, we have studied and developed it for common traders. This strategy is very simple and easy to understand. It has got no complications that can be considered as difficult.  People without technical knowledge can use it as well.

Key features:

  • This is for those who are not making good profit.

  • Suitable for Intraday full time /part time traders.

  • Suitable for HNI and small traders.

  • buying and selling basics, (normal order, bracket order, cover order, stop loss)

  • candle stick pattern basics.

  • volume basics

  • gap up and gap down basics.

  • price action basics.

  • major support and resistance.

  • top sell, bottom buy(how to buy at bottom, how to sell at top with a small stop loss)

  • how to trade in trending market.

  • how to trade in narrow/flat market.

  • how to trade in inventory.

  • low risk and high reward ratio.

  • no use of indicators and software.

  • trading will be based upon price action and volume. intraday trading strategy breakout trading strategy

Key features:

Crude oil trading strategy trading videos

Crude oil trading strategy trading videos

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