Option Writing Margin

Margin required to sell Nifty/Bank Nifty options

Option Writing Margin is referred to cash, where the trader should deposit in his trading account before writing options. The margin varies based on the position taken by the clients and trader must understand the option writing margin is required as collateral with the broker to clear the obligation of the contract and option writing margin for intraday is differ from broker to broker. Each broker can have different margin requirement. The broker would lend the money upfront as collateral. For this reason, the client has to deposit a certain amount of upfront money to the broker in advance. Trading with margin enables you to boost your capital and opportunity to magnify your potential returns. Nowadays it has become extremely attractive for option writer to borrow margin from the broker which earns you more money for less effort and keeps your returns consistent if you trade systematically. Traders should decide the option writing margin requirement before getting into the option writing, utilizing borrowed money from the broker can help you to make money and the same way, significantly if market turn against you there is chances of wipe out the entire capital and even debit in the trading account.

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thenexttrade.com is the final destination to fulfil all your needs. We are associated with one of the best broker in India to fulfil the intraday trader’s requirement. Since most of the traders associated with us for options and MCX trading. We offer to the client’s minimal brokerage and best option writing margin for intraday trading.  It helps professional traders to utilize the opportunity to high potential returns. 

We the nexttrade provides best option writing margin for intraday trading with minimal charges.

Bank nifty option writing margin is Rs.3500 per lot.

Nifty option writing margin is Rs.4500 per lot.

Bank nifty

option writing margin is Rs.3500 per lot.


option writing margin is Rs.4500 per lot.

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