Futures and options hedging strategy

for intraday trading 


great winning trading method. no need to predict the market, either you win or you will not win. there will be no loss  and there will be no concept of single leg or STOP LOSS triggered. no matter whichever way the market moves, you will not be under loss. being on same stock on both buy ans sell side will keep you safe without losses.


  1. No Greeks calculations are required.

  2. Knowing how to place buy and sell order is enough to trade in options.

  3. There will be no SL, so no need to fear of losses.

  4. Market volatility does not effects your MTM.

  5. No necessity to watch chart and indicators.

  6. Trading can be done from smart phone also.

  7. Market crash gives you good profit so, be ready for the crash.

  8. Works for both intraday and position(short term).

  9. Numerous strategies are known/seen. but not this one.

what are the things we TEACH IN training

  1. Call option and put option.

  2. ITM, ATM, OTM.

  3. Stock selection.

  4. Option strike price selection.

  5. Hedging combination

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