Are you looking for a trading strategy which carries limited risk and consistent profit in Nifty option..!

We have designed a trading strategy that carries limited risk and consistent potential profit.

This Strategy involves a combination of 3 Legs (FUT + CE + PE) and it can be initiated based on market trend, this strategy works well in intraday and positional as well.

Since the strategy involves FUT leg, to control the loss when our view goes wrong this particular strategy ends up with limited or calculated risk. It gives consistent profit when we deploy this strategy without any modification also it is not necessary to keep stop loss and adjustment to this strategy.

Mobile and web applications do not have spread order or basket order option for placing multi leg orders, so this strategy is ideal for the traders who are using the NEST / ODIN platform for placing orders, so all 3 legs have to be placed at once and it is mandatory to use spread or basket order.

The strategy seems to be very simple but the most important thing is choosing option strikes, quantity against future contract, and deploying the same along with trend and the same will be posted in below telegram channel.

If you find this strategy is interesting and want to know more about its performance, please subscribe to the telegram channel and watch or do paper trade out our new strategy for a few days and check the performance.

Kindly do not consider as tips and calls (trading recommendation) for the post which we have shared in this channel, just check the strategy and performance for educational and learning purposes.

If this strategy works well for you, then do not take decision to trade immediately, please do consult SEBI registered financial advisor before taking any kind of decision in stock market.


  • We do not provide any paid services.

  • We don’t send multiple Junk calls & tips regularly.

  • Will not force anybody to trade this strategy.

  • Do not recommend writing naked options.

  • We are not SEBI registered advisors.

  • Channel is for educational & learning purposes only.


This post is for Educational & learning purpose (It’s Not a trading recommendation)

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